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Documentation of GLISA's World OutGames (WOGs) & Continental OutGames (COGs): GLISA and its relationship with Gay Games 2003 - 2018
WOGs and COGs are the 'Licensed Brands' of GLISA (Gay Lesbian International Sports Association)
Caveat Emptor is not enouogh. Our community can do better to insure the integrity and credibility of LGBT Athletic Events
GLISA Miami WOGs IV under investigation by Florida Attorney General for Financial Fraud

updated 2017.08.15 (under construction).. This webpage exists for the sole purpose of preserving an historical record of relevant information, news, media reporting, and published commentary on GLISA/WOGs/COGs and their interactions/relationship with the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) and WOGs/COGs host cities. It will include verifiable names, events, actions, surveys, proposals, and credible reports. It has as an explicit motive/goal to insure that this data is forever imbedded and searchable on the InterNet for LGBT athletes and potential WOGs/COGs bidding cities. ....

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MB=Miami Beach   FGG=Federation of Gay Games
GLISA=Gay Lesbian International Sports Association
WOGs=World OutGames
COGs=Continental OutGames

City of Miami Official Full Financial Audit

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..from the MB World Outgames IV Program.. Executive Directors of GLISA (~2015-2017):
Tamara Adrian: Female Co-President is a prominent trans activist based in Caracas Venezuela, she is member of a number of international LGBTI boards and organisations. She was co-president of the Human Rights Conference of World Outgames 2013 in Antwerp and joined the GLISA board later that year. She was appointed female co-president in 2015.

Victor Elkins: Male Co-Presidnet of Vancouver, Canada, joined the Board in 2014. He is also on the Board of GLISA North America. Professionally, he is President of the Hospital Employees’ Union. He was appointed male co-president in 2015.

Martin Iversen Christensen: Secretary of Brussels is European Representative to the Board of ILGA World and was male co-chair of ILGA-Europe 2007-2013. He joined the GLISA board in 2012.

Carlos Idibouo: Treasurer is based in Toronto, has been active in LGBT human rights for Africa and the African diaspora for many years.

Other Directors:
Gord Dunbar: Director North America has a special portfolio as the global Pride House Movement. He lead the GLISA Team for Pride House Toronto, an LGBT sport pavilion for Pan/Para American Games in 2015.

Directors Central and South America:
Dulcimar Antonio Grando: is from Florianopolis, Brazil. He is very active in inclusion work through sport.

Juan Pablo Morino: is Secretary General of GAPEF, the LGBTI-sportsclub in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Gregory Philips: Director Asia-Pacific is an aquatician and part of Team Melbourne. He is also member of the board of GLISA Asia Pacific.

Greg Larocque: Director for International Federations of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He is a past president of GLISA North America.

Ivan Cano: Director representing the host organization for WorldOutGames IV Miami Beach from Miami Beach.

World OutGames IV Miami Beach Directors and Staff:
Bruce Townsend, Ivan Cano, Keith Hart, Jerry Torres, George Neary, Nick Tierno, Steve Atkins, Bob Balsam, Cindy Brown, Karen Brown, Michael Gongora, Richard Murray, Jose Sotolongo, Carol Coombes, Lynare Robbins, Peter Morales, Tanya Bravo, Jordan Selders, Adam Kravitz, Duy Ngo